One of my principle goals is to provide support and resources for your practice, fostering discussion and further inquiry into the Dharma. I lead several online courses throughout the year which can be found on the YDL Courses page.


Workshops are designed to focus on the practice itself. Several workshops run regularly throughout the year and we also have occasional deep dives into specific topics.

Calendar of upcoming Events

If you are interested in a workshop please contact me for upcoming events. Past workshops include:

Stages of Meditation
Tonglen and the Practice of Compassion
Foundations of Mindfulness
Working with Negative Emotions
Tsa Lung
Foundations of Dzogchen


Annual Summer Dzogchen Retreat

Each year in June we have our ten day annual summer Dzogchen retreat. This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in practice under the guidance of Greg’s root teacher, Younge Khachab Rinpoche. The retreat will be practice intensive, with meditation, Dzogchen teachings and guided instruction sessions throughout each day. Anyone is welcome to attend with a sincere interest in Buddhism and the Dzoghen teachings.

Weekend Retreat

We also do several weekend retreats throughout the year, please contact me for more information.

Personal (Solo) Retreat

A meditation retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in practice. A daily meditation practice is very powerful and can bring a lot of benefit, but doing occasional immersions can transform and deepen your practice in ways that a daily practice often doesn’t accomplish. If you are interested in going on a personal retreat please contact me for guidance and instruction. Your first solo retreat can be much more challenging than a group retreat, so it is good to be prepared and maintain strict retreat discipline.

Retreat Discipline

Retreat Guide: Preparing for a Solo Retreat

Private Instruction

Private sessions are often the best way to start a practice, or sharpen an already established one. They offer scheduling flexibility and give you and your teacher time to identify specific areas you would like to pursue. They are ideal if you have a specific concern or learning situation; if you are less comfortable in a group setting; are new to the practice; or want a more personal interaction with your teacher. Many ongoing students schedule one or two private sessions each year to update their practice and address challenges in their practice. We offer 30 minute and 60 minute sessions, home visits in special circumstances and distance learning. We recommend the initial session be 60 minutes so you and your instructor have a chance to understand your needs and focus.

Availability for 30 minute, 60 minute or online session. All sessions by dana offering.

Please contact Greg for more details.