Sanskrit: Siddha-artha
siddha means to accomplish or fulfill
artha means aims or meaning

 Accomplish your aims. Fulfill that which is meaningful.

Contemplations and meditations on the practice and how to carry it forward.

Clarify your practice. Let your practice clarify you.

All of the Buddha’s teachings can be understood as instructions for practice. As practitioners, it is our work that reveals the truth of the teachings. Put them to the test, contemplate them, digest them, resolve your uncertainty and doubt, follow your curiosity.

We all have an opportunity to be more present in the world, to contribute from a place of abundance and to bring about tremendous benefit and change. To actually do that isn’t easy, so we must follow a path and commit to a life of practice. Step by step, drip by drip, we learn to work with the hesitation and fear, we learn to open up, to be more vulnerable and understanding, and to recognize the gifts that we can share with the world- gifts of kindness, generosity and compassion. It all begins by first recognizing our innate potential.

Recognizing our potential and the discovery of our buddha heart- the tathagatagarbha

Four thoughts that turn mind towards genuine practice of Dharma

Contemplating the benefits of liberation
Contemplating the kindness of a spiritual friend and teacher
The role of faith on a path of inquiry
Taking refuge as the foundation for all paths

A single intention.
Contemplating compassion.
Contemplating love. 

The way of the bodhisattva and how to live a meaningful life.

A life dedicated to practice.

Buddhism 101

Actualizing the profound view of the Middle Way

Developing a calm, clear and compassionate mind. 

Recognizing the gap and the foundations of Dzogchen. 

A retreat guide: preparing for a solo retreat

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